Mobile Vans

Advertising Vans comprise a large part of our modern fleet of vehicles. Don’t wait for your audience to see your message, take it them. We work with big brands, media agencies, local firms, local authorities and bodies like the police. Clients use advertising vans to target audiences at festivals, outdoor events, sporting occasions, public/private sector companies, city centres, arterial routes. We take your message to the masses throughout Goa. Two 48-sheet size posters (20ft x 10ft or 6 x 3 mtrs) on each side coupled with the opportunity to place a rear and front poster makes these advans highly effective at reaching the audience on all sides at street level. Following a pre-scheduled route specific to the target audience, these mobile advertising vehicles are always manned. They can react to local situations and conditions. As a result, they deliver the greatest possible exposure for the Clients message. Mobile Vans are effective for: - Nationwide Regional or local advertising - Store openings & refurbishments - Product & service launches - Brand building and awareness - Targetting competitors - Poster Unveiling - Point of Sale - Sports events Mobile Vans benefits include: - 2 large Custom size posters on either side - Low cost per thousand - High impact, cost effective - Statewide - Accountability - Fully insures (Public & product liability) - Expereinced staffing (no agency) - PR opportunities - Extended reach & coverage

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