Gantry advertising is another form of outdoor advertising making use of billboards in the form of a structure that is spanning a road. Advertisement on such billboards can be portrayed on both sides. Usually, gantry billboards are used for directions thus it’s hard for drivers to ignore them. Also, they are in a prominent position and have a large display which makes them more effective. You can place advert on Full Gantry, Half Gantry or Cantilever. Advertiser Benefits of Highway Exposure Gantries - High reach audience offered to captive audience - Habitual patterns as people go about their regular activities - Motorists and commuters spend approximately 30-45 minutes on weekday traffic daily - Frequency exposure ensures brand and message recognition - Billboards integrate visuals into other media, creating visual connection and brand dominance and visibility - Standard billboard advertisements offer a creative platform for brands to “stand out” - Maximum impact in high traffic areas and shopping centres - Provides 24-hour exposure and visibility - Quick visual changeovers - Ideal for high impact launch, short/long-term campaigns - Long-term brand presence with high impact in high-volume thoroughfares

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